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•   Kenneth Robinson Sr.  12/22
•   Mark Johnson  12/24
•   Alan Henry  12/26
•   Randy White  12/26
•   Lorene Walker  1/1
•   Gail Hale (Griffin)  1/2
•   Miranda Kirtley (Robinson)  1/3
•   Darlene Lucretia Ward  1/5
•   Patricia Watson (Crenshaw)  1/9


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 24.2%

A:   151   Joined
B:   473   Not Joined



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•   Yvonne Hawkins (Mitchell)  9/25
•   Lawrence Wooten  6/23
•   Anthony Graham  6/15
•   Patricia Watson (Crenshaw)  6/14
•   Cleo Sapp  3/16
•   Bianca Mitchum  1/22
•   Philip Leggett  1/14
•   Cynthia Moore  12/15
•   Mark Johnson  12/15
•   Beverly Bussey (Barthell)  9/22
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4 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
1 lives in District Of Columbia
3 live in Florida
7 live in Georgia
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Kentucky
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Missouri
2 live in New Jersey
1 lives in North Carolina
113 live in Ohio
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in Texas
1 lives in Virginia
466 location unknown
35 are deceased


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Photos from the Cabaret

Thank you all for showing up and what a great time we had together. Donna, Trina and Mark, thank you for your help.

Johnny, you are great! Thanks so much for your expertise.

 If your profile has not been updated, and we do not have the correct demographic information for you, we will not be able to mail you a formal invitation for our 40th Reunion. Please make sure we have your information to be able to contact you. That would be your address, phone number and email address. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and your continued support.


Sorry for taking so long putting these photos up. Closing out the school year, participating in Proms and after Proms. I have been Buusssssssssyyyyyy!!

We Did Beat Them Eagles and we do have our trophy being proudly displayed at John Adams!

I Love You Guys!


Wine and Gold - Rebels 4 Life!


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Beverly Betts Glass


Michael Gates


Sabria Epps


 Annette Rodgers


Carolyn Fambro


Beverly Barthell


Venezuela Tilford (Class of '72)


 Cynthia Robinson-Hardy


Wade Lacey, Sr.


Thalila Cottrell (Maddox)


Willie Voltz


Friday, September 23, 2011 Meet & Greet.

It is always good to see you all after all these years!

Michael Bates, Mark Johnson, Mary E. Lee, Anthony Graham, Johnny Johnson, Donna Hudson, Linda Holt and Lynette Davis.

I had to get in there somewhere., lol. Since I take the photos, it's hard for me to be in them!

I love you guys!

Just as we were leaving, Syrinthia White arrived. Donna and I could not leave without having a drink with her.

We are glad we didn't miss you!

We have some pro Bid Whist players;

Mark Johnson and Anthony Graham

Lynette Davis, it was so good seeing you girl!

Linda Holt and Mrs. Anthony Graham (she can cut the rug!)

Johnny Johnson and Anthony Graham



If you did not have a photo in the yearbook, but you have one, please send it to me so I can upload it into your profile. These photos will be used for your nametags at the reunion. Remember, it will be 40 years and some of us have not seen each other since 1974. Although, I believe we all look better now, and have aged well, like vintage wine (just gets better with time). I'm laughing at my own self. The photo/nametags will help us to recognize each other. So please, send me your photo. AND...put some family pics up, grandkids, etc. let us see what you have been up to. 





 Keep spreading the word and I guarantee that our 40th reunion in 2014 will be the BOMB!    

Rebels for Life!

 MEET & GREET - 7/22/2011 - We had a great time! It was so good seeing all of you. I think we should do it again real soon!! The fellowship, food, drinks and dancing was awesome! You guys made my day! Venezuela Tilford (c/o '72) thanks for the drinks and coming out to support us!

Carolyn Fambro, thanks for that generous donation toward our efforts. I appreciate you so much!


Johnny Johnson, Cynthia Robinson, Kathy Gamble, Mary E. Lee, Michael Gates, Carolyn Fambro, Karen Wilkes, Richard Morris, Donna Hudson, Jackie Perry and Priscilla Sharp. 

Donna Hudson, Linda Holt, Mary E. Lee and Michael Gates.


Michael Gates, Kathy Gamble, Karen Wilkes and Jackie Perry.

Donna Hudson, Annette Rodgers, Mary E. Lee and Michael Gates.

Donna Hudson and Annette Rodgers. 

Donna Hudson and Richard Morris.

Donna Hudson, Cynthia Robinson, Mary E. Lee and Linda Holt.

Carolyn Fambro and Donna Hudson.

Michael Gates, Karen Wilkes, Jackie Perry,

Carolyn Fambro, Donna Hudson. 


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Myspace Photo Cube

If you missed the luncheon for Coach Gene Young, You really missed a special event. Click on the "Stroke is No Joke" tab on the left sidebar to view some photos from that event. Rebels turned out in a GREAT show of support.


"There's No Place Like Home..."

It seems you can go "Home" again, sort of...Visit
any of the old neighborhoods on the Internet..

Check it out! This is a fun website to visit. It will show you where you grew up, or anywhere else, as it looks now...just enter the address, City, State, Zip Code and "travel"...Click on Dorothy's shoes above. When you enter an address you will see the picture. You can double click and "walk" down the street.